Revalidation and appraisal for doctors working in paediatric palliative care 

Plans are progressing rapidly to support the introduction of 5 yearly revalidation for doctors. The first doctors are likely to revalidate from late 2012. The APPM is keen to support its members in achieving relevant ‘whole practice’ appraisal and in ensuring that revalidation is as straightforward as possible for all doctors working in paediatric palliative care in the United Kingdom. 

To this end, we have been providing regular updates during study days and in our newsletters, and have written to all children’s hospice CEOs and Directors of Care to alert them to the hospices’ responsibilities in supporting their doctors to revalidate. These documents include suggested action points for doctors and for hospices, and signpost to other useful on line information and resources to support these processes. Some relevant links are pasted below. We will endeavour to update this section of the APPM website with further developments as they happen. 
The APPM has agreement from a few medical appraisers, (currently working in children’s hospice settings, and with a mix of paediatric and GP backgrounds) who are willing in principle to offer revalidation-ready specialty-specific appraisal for colleagues working wholly or partly in paediatric palliative care. This willingness does not imply availability for any particular appraisal year or time frame, and any agreement for appraisal services would be between the doctor’s employer and the appraiser. Please contact for further information. 
My hope is that appraisal will remain supportive and developmental, and that as plans evolve and simplify, revalidation will be relatively straightforward for the vast majority of doctors. If you have suggestions as to how APPM could further support its members in this area, do let me know. I am also keen to hear from any individuals for whom revalidation processes may be problematic, and am happy to be contacted about any individual queries or concerns in relation to revalidation as the new processes evolve. 
Dr Susie Lapwood 
Senior Associate Specialist, Helen & Douglas House – Hospice care for children and young adults. Honorary Clinical Fellow, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust 



Useful Links 

NB This may be revised once new specialty-specific guidance has been agreed for an Appraisal toolkit and electronic forms etc. This site includes a proforma 'Structured Reflective Template' (SRT) for each section in the supporting tools. (Note new website address from 21.5.11) - for structured reflective templates to personalise reflection on supporting information, useful for those without access to the Clarity site. 
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